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Creative Design UX & UI

Graphic Design
Our team specialises in crafting unique and creative logo and application designs, ensuring a seamless alignment with your business identity. 

Digital Design
Trust us to build your needed product promptly, leveraging the expertise of our experienced team. We employ a clear and effective design process, ensuring the timely delivery of a solution tailored to your requirements.

Website & Software

We assist you in developing the right application, meticulously crafting a user interface through extensive industry research to optimise its effectiveness.

Software, website & mobile applications
Additionally, we specialise in creating complex enterprise software, ensuring seamless software integration, and modernising legacy systems for enhanced efficiency.

Digital Marketing

Social Media
Expand your marketing and social sharing efforts to generate extensive brand exposure, surpassing the reach achievable through paid media alone.

Search Engine Optimisation

Enhance your keyword rankings and website visibility to attract a greater number of high-value visitors to your website.

Dedicated Team

Strong Customer service
In the last decade, our customers have achieved success by leveraging Intellectsoft’s process of building and motivating.

Trust our top minds to eliminate workflow pain points, implement new technologies, and consolidate app portfolios.


Done the Native way

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Website design services

At Native Code, our team specializes in delivering professional and responsive web design services, dedicated to serving businesses in Aotearoa. We offer comprehensive custom website design and development services, encompassing logo design, graphic design, and database development.

Mobile to

Robust App Development

At Native Code, we comprehend the challenge of finding top-notch mobile app development services within budget constraints. That’s why we extend our app development services to businesses across the Auckland area, assisting you in creating a cutting-edge mobile app for your business.

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UX & SEO - Lets go!

Native Code Limited provides comprehensive User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) services to its clients, with a specific focus on mobile UX designs. The UX design process encompasses crucial elements like information architecture and wireframe creation, ensuring a well-optimized platform. Our UX design experts analyze workflows to enhance the application’s functionality.

Furthermore, the UX designer enhances the application interface through the mobile app UI design process. The final step involves subjecting the app to a portable app test, utilising run click-through models to illustrate various rendering processes. This meticulous approach ensures a seamless and user-friendly mobile application.

Our emphasis is on crafting a visually stunning website design that mirrors your brand identity, all the while providing your target audience with a seamless user experience that encourages them to return to your store.

Our seasoned design team is here to support you from start to finish, offering guidance on the most suitable images, conducting Photoshop touch-ups, and providing professional product photography. Whether you’re embarking on a full rebrand or initiating a fresh start with your new brand, our team is dedicated to offering sound advice and steering you in the right direction to elevate your brand image.

A graphic design team with a profound understanding of your company and a grasp of how you want to convey your brand message uniquely is crucial. The visual aspects of branding play a vital role in both online and print marketing campaigns. At Native Code, we rely on an exceptionally talented team of designers to deliver a comprehensive range of graphic design services to our clients.

We are fluent in a myriad of languages, ranging from HTML, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery to PHP.

Development is the backbone of a seamlessly functioning site, ensuring rapid responses and meeting the sophisticated expectations of users. We prioritize what truly matters in site performance – a positive user experience. Our Development team possesses an exceptional ability to create websites with workability and functionality that stand heads above the competition.

At Native Code, we don’t play a guessing game. Our development team collaborates closely with our graphic designers, and our deep understanding of user behavior gives us an edge in creating websites that engage and inspire conversions. From platform selection to development languages, we’ve got all the bases covered.

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