Whakatika te Pūtake

Unveiling the Architect Behind Native Code

KO TUHIPA TE MAUNGA | Tuhipa is my mountain

KO OROUTA TE AWA | Orouta is my river

KO MATAATUA TE WAKA | Mataatua is my waka

KO NGĀPUHI, TE ARAWA NGĀ IWI | Ngapuhi & Te Arawa are my tribes

KO NGATI HINE TE HAPŪ | Ngati hine are my people

KO ŌTIRIA TE MARAE | Otiria is my marae

KO CHERRINGTON TŌKU WHĀNAU | Cherrington is my family

KO CLINT TŌKU INGOA | My name is Clint

Clint Cherrington

Kia ora, digital dynamos! I’m the maestro behind the tech symphony, where pixels meet passion, and innovation is my middle name.

Picture this: a virtual playground where businesses not only survive but thrive! As the ringleader, I’ve clocked over ten plus years in the tech circus, juggling bits and bytes with finesse. I’ve mastered the art of turning digital dreams into reality. At Native Code Limited, we’re not just in the business of coding; we’re on a mission to unleash the full power of the internet for our clients!

But here’s the twist:  we’re not your average tech squad; we’re proudly 100% Māori-owned and operated. As digital trailblazers, we’re not just advancing technological solutions; we’re breaking barriers and championing greater Māori representation in the dynamic tech realm. Our commitment goes beyond lines of code; we’re dedicated to bridging gaps and creating opportunities that amplify Māori voices in the ever-evolving world of technology

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